Guide: How to write a Press Release

In this article we will discuss what is required to write an effective press release for your business. A press release is a written article which is released to the media.

SEO: How to Write A Press Release
Guide to writing better Press Releases

You do not need a newsworthy item to gain exposure from a press release, you can announce anything such as: Scheduled events in your company, new products or services, personal promotions or public announcements. When it comes to gaining exposure from the press, reporters are more likely to publish something they discovered from a press release. They can be vital tools in gaining the much needed exposure your business needs to generate more traffic and sales.

Step 1: Make it pop!

Press release title must be a Bold News Headline

Come up with an outstanding headline for your press release. It should be concise and clear, try getting straight to the point. Although we put this as step one to creating an effective article for press release. We recommend that you write your headline after you have a complete and ready article. recognized as quality online marketing tool. See how that works in grabbing your attention? You want to know it could help me with my Online Marketing. Your headline should make potential readers want to learn more about your product or service.

Make it bold! This is usually achieved by using larger font size and a more concise heading. Try leave out certain smaller words such as: “the” and “a”. News-grabbing headlines are commonly written in the present tense.

Use Keywords. Once you have written your article extract important Keywords that are relevant to your business and the product/service. Use the most relevant keyword in the Press Release title.

Writing the body of your press release
Writing the body of your press release

Step 2: Writing the body copy

The press release should be written in such a way that it appears as a news article. Journalists can be busy people and it is important that you communicate in a way that they like to be communicated to in.

  • Start with the date and the city that is most relevant to your business.
  • The first sentence should be thoughtful, concise and attention grabbing and should be a summary of what most of the article is covering.
  • The press release article should be compact, avoid using long sentences and paragraphs.Avoid using overly fancy wording jargon and keep a clean professional manner. Avoid repeating yourself too many times throughout the article.
  • The first paragraph should sum up your entire release and the articles following that should explain further detail into the product/service or announcement.
  • Try stick to the facts- Scheduled Events, Products, Dates, Special offers. When dealing with the news, make sure that you provide mostly concrete facts.
  • Make sure you answer all 5 of these for the potential readers-who, where, when, why, what and how?”

With the basics now done, fill in the gaps with your creative writing skills. Reread the article and rewrite until you are happy with the way your article reads. It must read like a good new article if you want to generate more interest in your business, read some examples online and try convey your message clearly in this style.

Press releases can be a great way to spread brand awareness and interest in your product but they are also a  great SEO Tool in generating organic links, bulding better backlink profile for your page in the process. Continue below.

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Mastering Press Release Format

Okay so you have the basic structure together. Now it’s time to master the formatting of your article and getting it. ready for release. Your content should be one page long at the most, it should be sort and concise, no-one is going to waste their time reading 5 paragraphs of a news article unless it is national news.

  • Put “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” should be displayed clearly on the top left margin of your page.
  • The headline should be in bold/larger font and should be centered at the top of the page
  •  Contact information at the end for readers to find out more

Example press release format:

Press release example
An example of how to format a press release


You should also then add your contact info to the very bottom the page.

Add your details to the bottom of your Press Release example



Finally, Send your press release to media outlets for distribution. We hope you enjoyed this guide, feel free to post your feedback below.


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