SEO vs. PPC: Which is right for my site?

Which is better? PPC or SEO?

When starting a website you basically have two options when it comes to getting more traffic to your page. SEO & Google Adwords (PPC Advertising)

In this article we will describe some of the pros and con’s for Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per click advertising. Which is more suitable for my site and which will make me more money?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search traffic, is free! This is one of the top reasons that many website owner reach out to SEO consultants to do long-term work and generate free inbound leads in the process.


  • Once you have put in the effort to rank your website, it will not cost anything for traffic gained through organic search results.
  • SEO can cost nothing but your time to implement, even if you pay for SEO services, if you get a quality service your ROI could prove to be much better than paying for leads.


  • Ranking a webpage on Google’s local search results can be very time consuming, especially if your company has a very high competition niche.
  • SEO takes time, if you want to start converting sales through your website immediately, you may not have the time to wait for the traffic to come in from search results.

Google AdWords Pay per click campaigns
Google AdWords Pay per click campaigns

Pay-per-click Advertising (Google Adwords)

You can pay for your ads to be displayed as sponsored content at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) This can be an effective method to create awareness for a brand new website that will take some time to get ranked organically by means of SEO.


  • Results are instant, if speed is what you’re after and you want to be sure that your product is visible immediately.
  • It’s easy. The Google Adword platform is brilliant for internet marketers who want to target specific search terms and show above all organic results on the search engine.


  • While PPC advertising can be very effective if implemented on the correct page. It can be very expensive, especially when lots of other sites are also competing for the same keyword’s in your niche.
  • Finding ROI can be difficult especially on low-margin products and services, do extensive research to determine in your conversions and profit will cover the cost-per-click.

Final Conclusion

If you are a newly launched site with little to no traffic, PPC advertising is a great way to get some awareness and activity to your new page. We recommend you invest in SEO strategies for the long term, eventually most of your traffic will be much cheaper than would be expected from PPC.

A good place to start would be to do a bit of both and see what works for you. You can decide on a PPC budget for your business and start your Search Engine Optimization efforts for the long-term rewards.

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