Durban is an emerging market for SEO, the competition is weak across many sectors and industries. Businesses who start their SEO campaigns in Durban at this point can get an early head-start to some potentially stiff future competition on the SERP’s.

free-seo-analysis-220x130More and more people are using Google to locate products and services then ever before even though Durban seems to be a little behind the trend. If you have already achieved high rankings on Google locally in Durban for your business, it is a good time to think about strengthening your SEO so that none of your competition will over take your position  for your keywords.

When it comes to choosing a quality online marketing firm to outsource from it is very important to choose wisely. While it may be tempting to hire a service that guarantee’s number one on google for only “R299.99″, this simply is just not possible, SEO, especially for tough keywords, takes a lot of work!

While some of these services may actually show short-term gains, they may actually end up doing more harm then good in the long-run, Google calls this type of SEO “Black Hat SEO” and may actually penalize you in the future, in which case your website may become very hard to find on Google.

When looking for the best SEO consultants in Durban, go for a company that uses only White-hat methods, while it may cost a little more, “you get what you pay for.” This remains true for search engine marketing.


A good SEO campaign will see your business gaining new customers and qualified leads for years to come.

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