Creating Perfect Meta Titles and Descriptions

metas & titles

When talking about meta-titles and meta-descriptions, it is important firstly that you understand what they are if you don’t already.

When a person searches on google the results displayed on the serp are determined by the meta-tags on that page.

meta description & title

Your meta-title tag (The blue hyperlink) should always be 67 characters or less so that it doesn’t get shortened as it should only take up one line.Your meta description should be less than 156 characters.

First lets start with an bad example of using meta-tags. Let’s say you sell netbooks and you were creating your metas. Have you ever seen this before?

wrongMeta-Title:“Buy HP Netbook Sales Online HP Laptop Shop for Netbooks by HP”


This does not read well and will not help your SEO at all. Google considers this type of practice spammy and you may even be penelized.

A good one would look like this:

rightMeta-title: Check Out The HP Netbook Showdown in Exclusive Field Test”


As you can tell that is much more engaging, it uses powerful psychological cues with phrases like “Check Out” and “Exclusive”.

A good example of a meta description for this would be: “We put 7 HP Netbooks to the test to find out which is this months champion. Quick reviews and in-depth discussion.”

So that’s a quick run through on the basics of creating great metas & titles and improving your CTR on the serps.